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Monitored 24/7 by our call center in Stettler, Alberta

The Be Safe app is designed to provide a secure and reliable solution for individuals who work alone and need to be monitored for their safety. The app is monitored 24/7 by our call center in Stettler, Alberta, ensuring that there is always someone available to respond to any emergencies or incidents.

Powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, known for its high levels of reliability and security.

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Ensure the Safety of Remote Workers 24/7

Quickly locate employees and implement an emergency response plan

Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking on a map is synchronized with updates on 2 minute intervals.

Accident Detection

The device’s accelerometer is used to detect sudden movements or changes in motion that may indicate a fall.

Journey Management

Simply enter the destination address and the app will determine the safest and shortest route for you to take.

Panic Mode

A panic feature allows individuals working alone to quickly alert for assistance in emergencies.

Push Notifications

Alerting individuals to important updates and helping them stay safe while working alone, push notifications are a unique feature.

AWS Cloud Backend

AWS ensures the app’s reliability and ability to handle large amounts of traffic and data without downtime or performance issues.

How to get started

We have compiled 2 short videos to help you get started using the application. Choose the video for the type of device you have.

iPhone Instructions

Android Instructions

iPhone & Android Support

Fully featured on both Android and iPhone

Available on both Android and iPhone devices, and through our partnerships with Garmin, SPOT, and Zoleo, we are able to offer solutions that do not require the use of a phone and have zero dead zones. This allows individuals to access the app and its safety features regardless of their device or location, ensuring that they are protected and able to receive assistance whenever and wherever they may need it.


Zero Dead Zones With Iridium ISS

Partnered with Spot, Zoleo, and Garmin, the Be Safe application is capable of offering full location tracking with no dead zones.

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